Pilgrim Theological Seminary does not charge tuition to take part in our program. The primary source of income for the seminary is through donations by our students and their families and the generous contributions of churches, foundations, and individuals. All Pilgrim Seminary students are expected to make a monthly contribution (as they are able) to help support the educational program from which they are benefiting.


The seminary does its best to minimize costs for our students in that incarcerated believers are among the most financially challenged Christians in America. Yet, there are certain costs associated with this program that cannot be avoided including the cost of exam creation and grading, student record keeping, correspondence, study resource preparation, and  administrative and operational costs.


These costs amount to approximately $365 per year per student. Sometimes prisoners have family members who can help cover this cost but because incarceration affects prisoners and their families alike, many families do not have funds available to help their loved ones pursue theological education.


Consequently, the seminary is dependent upon the wider Christian community to support theological education for our incarcerated brothers and sisters in Christ. Those who are interested in providing educational sponsorships should contact the seminary.


Textbooks for seminary courses are generally available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble (purchase or rent), and other retailers. The seminary is currently attempting to develop a lending program for textbooks and other educational resources.

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