PTS has become immediately in need of funds to begin our new cohort of 1,700 students this spring.
* study bibles
* textbooks
* printed resources
ALL our new students will begin within the Biblical Studies.


While we love to offer our study resources for free, several needs perpetuate in order to continue our goals:

First Need - We would request that you please pray for us. Pilgrim Seminary is attempting to do some innovative things to help make high quality theological education easily accessible and affordable. We have begun by inviting some of the poorest Christians in America – those in prison- to become part of our program.

Second Need - We are searching for pastors or laypeople who would be willing to pray for one of our incarcerated students regularly until the end of this year. This kind of prayer support is very important for all of our incarcerated students, especially those whom the Lord is calling to ministry or missionary service. If you or someone in your congregation would be willing to do this, please e-mail [email protected]

A note on study bibles...

Third Need - The seminary is currently raising funds to provide soft cover (hard covers often not permitted in prisons) Life Application Study Bibles to all of our incarcerated students. A good study Bible is absolutely essential for theological studies. We estimate that we will eventually need about 5,000 study Bibles to meet this need. Study Bibles are very rare in prison because of the cost. Fortunately, Tyndale House Publishers is working with us so that churches that would like to donate funds to provide one study Bible for an incarcerated student can do so for $40. This cost includes the cost of shipping / handling / etc.

First Congregational Church in Mansfield, Ohio has agreed to handle all donations for study Bibles. The associate pastor there is Dr. David Hartzfeld, former Dean of Ashland Theological Seminary and a member of the Pilgrim Seminary Board of Governors. If your congregation (or a person or group in the congregation) would be willing to provide the funds to purchase one study Bible to help cover our students, please send your check made payable to First Congregational Church to:

First Congregational Church

Attention: PTS Bible Fund

640 Millsboro Road,

Mansfield, OH, 44903


Directly to our office in Pittsburgh:

Pilgrim Theological Seminary

Administrative Office

2121 Noblestown Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Currently working on a way to process credit cards with either Paypal or through our bank.
Contact me via email for more specifics.
<[email protected]>

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